Memorial Service for Caroline Creech (1931-2020)

Caroline Creech passed away on December 18, 2020 in Potomac Falls, VA. She was born on April 11, 1931.

As a stylish, single career woman, Caroline was a trend-setter whose devotion to her work was matched by her dedication to family members back home in Hershey, PA., where she was still known as Caroline DiDomenico, the youngest daughter of Aldorino and Nicoletta DiDomenico. Her parents had come to Pennsylvania from Italy as children and found their slice of the American dream in Hershey.

Caroline, a high school cheerleader, who was also active in the drama club, became a secretary for one of the Hershey employee unions after graduation. But after a few years, her desire to experience life beyond the company town and her parents’ home led her to Philadelphia, where she landed a job in the cosmetics department of Wanamaker’s, one of the first department stores opened in the country. When the opportunity arose to work for John Robert Powers, she eagerly relocated to the Washington, D.C., area.

A meeting in the early 1960’s arranged by her doorman with a neighbor at her Arlington, VA, apartment building, would change the course of her life. The neighborly setup was with a high-ranking U.S. Air Force pilot who would go on to become a four-star general and top business management expert. In 1969, Caroline married Gen. Wilbur Lyman Creech, who was known to his friends as Bill, and seamlessly embraced her new role as a military spouse.

Doting on her husband became her joy through their 34-year marriage, along with checking on the well-being of other military wives. And she loved to decorate her homes and help design the landscaping of the houses they occupied through postings in such places as Ramstein, Germany, and Langley, VA, until her husband’s retirement in 1984. Her flair for presenting floral arrangements was evident in every home they had. When the general died in 2003, she returned to the Washington area to live at Falcons Landing — amidst her cherished military kin.

Caroline is predeceased by her husband, Wilbur, and survived by her niece, nephew and many dear friends.