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“We are the Thunderbirds!” which translates to the importance of our Thunderbird family – past, present, and future.

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THUNDERJET ($10,000+)

Lockheed Martin


Martha Fenton
Flightline America

SABRE ($2,000+)

Jeff Rochelle
Constantine “Chachi” Tzavaras


Michael “Mo” Beale
Rick Copp
Steve and Deb Dwelle

PHANTOM ($500+)

Gerald “Jerry” Imada

TALON ($250+)

Kirk Alexander
Chris Allen
Tony McPeak
Robert Moore
Glenn Scoggins
Brad Zomer


FALCON ($200)

Dan Cherry
The Corsi Family

Paul "Sticky" Strickland

TBAA Vice Chairman

“Dream it, like the day you joined the Team, and imagine how your unimaginable dream became a reality. This is why membership in the TBAA is important. Our leadership wants “doer’s” not “observers.” We want Thunderbirds, past and present, willing to contribute to our “National Asset.”

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68th Anniversary USAF Thunderbirds Reunion

Our goal is to put on a world class event, one that you can comfortably have fun at, and enjoy sharing stories of our history and friendships made during your Thunderbird Service. Planning is well underway, click the link below to book your hotel and learn more.

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