ThunderRolls 2010 Q2

ThunderRolls 2010 Q2

April 1, 2010

“Thank you again for giving me the Honor to represent you, the Thunderbirds!”

– Steve “Jethro” Chealander TBAA Chairman Left Wing/Narrator (1981-84)

Boss “Brick” Caldwell said in his comments in this ThunderRolls that this is a great time to be a Thunderbird, and I echo that sentiment. Brick, Jethro, the 2002 Team and the TBAA board are totally aligned on all of these projects and goals. We are committed to the reaffirmation of “Once a Thunderbird, Always a Thunderbird” and establishing the permanent thought and attitude that “We are the Thunderbirds”, one Team consisting of those that wear the patch now and those that wore the patch then!

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